I was thinking about the Melissa show and how I’m so uncomfortable being highlighted and put on the spotlight - what I said and didn’t say, and the passion I have but don’t know how to express - the words in my head that don’t just naturally flow out when put on a platform. So I place it here where I’m not sure if it’ll be read but to record where my headspace is currently at.

Sustainably right now to me is more than the packaging waste material that I use, the slow production that I love, and the buzz that it has in society, in the economy. Sustainably is not some rich white people trend that only the elite and expensive can afford outside of thrifted goods. Sustainability is honoring the pain, struggle and lack of resources but also the resourcefulness and resistance of the indigenous people.

Zero waste is celebrating the wisdom, knowledge and love for the earth from all the indigenous people of every land that has protected, nurtured and grew with the land

and never just on top of the land. White supremacy and capitalism has painted this image of white people being in the for front of sustainability, created a whole buzz word, “sustainability”, to highlight the very people who have thus far benefitted from exploiting and literally tearing out the roots of all the years of love and labor of the indigenous people for respect to the earth - only now for white individuals to again benefit from erasing this history and just beginning to practice “sustainably” that’s already been studied and passed down for generations?! How backwards is this?

This gets me so tight because why is it that the people who have not been actually practicing and learning from the history is the ones gaining traction and being applauded for their light doings - those who are really in the forefront of actively protecting the land is probably not wasting they time posting their good deeds on Instagram but have their hands buried in the soil they wish to nurture. Shit is whack, media is twisted and we all know representation isn’t going to change anything so why am I tripping?










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